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PAM lab publications


Impact of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast inoculation mode on wine composition. Bordet F., Romanet R., Bahut F., Ferreira V., Peña C., Julien-Ortiz A., Roullier-Gall C., Alexandre H. (2024). Food Chemistry, 441. doi:

Influence of pH on Oenococcus oeni metabolism: Can the slowdown of citrate consumption improve its acid tolerance? Eicher C., Tran T., Munier E., Coulon J., Favier M., Reguant C., Grandvalet C. (2024). Food resarch international, 179. doi:

The oxidative stability of champagne base wines aged on lees in barrels: A 2-Year study. Maxe C., Romanet R., Parisot M., Gougeon RD., Nikolantonaki M. (2024). Antioxidants, 13 (3). doi:

Competition for nitrogen resources: an explanation of the effects of a bioprotective strain metschnikowia pulcherrima on the growth of hanseniaspora genus in oenology. Puyo M., Scalabrino L ., Romanet R., Simonin S., Klein G., Alexandre H., Tourdot-Maréchal R. (2024). Foods, 13 (5). doi:

Enhancing the quality of refrigerated smooth-hound shark fillet with a fish gelatin coating enriched with garden cress extract. Salem A., Abdelhedi O., Sebii, H., Ben Taheur F., Fakhfakh N., Debeaufort, F., Jridi M., Zouari N. (2024). Journal of aquatic food product technology. doi:

A stochastic frontier approach to study the relationship between the hygienic quality of bulk tank sheep milk and technical efficiency of the coagulation process. Jiménez L., Perea JM., Caballero-Villalobos, J., Angón, E., Cecchinato A., Amalfitano N., Oliete, B., Arias R. (2024).Foods, 13 (6). doi: 

Associations between milk coagulation properties and microbiological quality in sheep bulk Tank Milk.Arias R., Jiménez L., Garzón A., Caballero-Villalobos J., Oliete, B., Amalfitano, N., Cecchinato, A., Perea, JM. (2024). Foods, 13 (6). doi: 

High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics for Increased Grape Juice Metabolite Coverage. Nicolas S., Bois B., Billet K., Romanet R., Bahut F., Uhl J., Schmitt-Kopplin P., Gougeon R., de Oliveira PV. (2024). Foods, 13 (1). doi:

Citrate metabolism in lactic acid bacteria: is there a beneficial effect for Oenococcus oeni in wine? Eicher C., Coulon J., Favier M., Alexandre H., Reguant C., Grandvalet C. (2024). Frontiers in microbiology, 14. doi:

Long-term intake of Lactobacillus helveticus enhances bioavailability of omega-3 fatty acids in the mouse retina. Lapaquette P., Terrat S., Proukhnitzky L., Martine L., Grégoire S., Buteau B., Cabaret S., Rieu A., Bermúdez-Humarán L-G., Gabrielle P-H., Creuzot-Garcher C., Berdeaux O., Acar N., Bringer M-A. (2024). NPJ Biofilm and microbiomes, 10 (1). doi :

CMV Infection and Lymphopenia: Warning Markers of Pneumocystis Pneumonia in Kidney Transplant Recipients. Eberl I., Binquet C., Legendre M., Dalle F., Piroth L., Tinel C., Blot M., (2024). Transplant international, 37. doi:

Food-grade gelatin from camel skin: Extraction, characterisation and potential use for thin film packaging preparation. Hajlaoui, K., Abdelhedi, O., Salem, A., Debeaufort, F., Zouari, N., Zhang, Y., Jridi, M., (2024). Food Hydrocolloids, 150 (2024) 109698. doi:

Mixed biofilm formation by Oenococcus oeni and Saccharomyces cerevisiae: A new strategy for the wine fermentation process. Palud A., Roullier-Gall C., Alexandre H., Weidmann S., (2024). Food microbiolgy, 117. doi:

Effect of polymer structure on the functional properties of alginate for film or coating applications. Ureña M., Carullo D., Phùng TTT., Fournier P., Farris S., Lagorce A., Karbowiak T., (2024). Food hydrocolloids, 149, 109557. doi:

Biodegradable active coating from chitosan/astaxanthin crosslinked with genipin to improve water resistance, moisture and oxygen barrier and mechanical properties of Kraft paper. Inthamat P., Karbowiak T., Tongdeesoontorn W., Siripatrawan U., (2024). International journal of biological macromolecules, 254, 2, 127816. doi:


To exploring the role of probiotics, plant-based fermented products, and paraprobiotics as anti-inflammatory agents in promoting human health. Kumar H., Dhalaria R., Guleria S., Cimler R., Choudhary R., Dhanjal DS., Singh R., Kimta N., Dulta K., Pathera AK., Khan A., Nausad M., Alomar SY., Manickam S., Kuca K., (2023). Journal of agriculture and food research, 14, 100896. doi:

Effects of ionizing radiation on organic volatile compounds from PEA protein isolate.Fischer E., Cayot P., Cachon R., Cayot N., (2023). Heliyon, 9, 12, e22658. doi:

Influence of spontaneous, "pied de cuve" and commercial dry yeast fermentation strategies on wine molecular composition and sensory properties. Alvarez-Barragán J., Mallard J., Ballester J., David V., Vichi S., Tourdot-Maréchal R., Alexandre H., Roullier-Gall C., (2023). Food research international, 174, 113648. doi: 

Significant influence of four highly conserved amino-acids in lipochaperon-active sHsps on the structure and functions of the Lo18 protein. Bellanger T., Barreira DD., Wien F., Delarue P., Senet P., Rieu A., Neiers F., Varela PF., Combet S., Weidmann S., (2023). Scientific reports, 13, 1, 19036. doi:

Protein composition and nutritional aspects of pea protein fractions obtained by a modified isoelectric precipitation method using fermentation. Emkani M., Moundanga S., Oliete B., Saurel R., (2023). Frontiers in nutrition, 10, 1284413. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2023.1284413

Bioprotection Efficiency of Metschnikowia Strains in Synthetic Must: Comparative Study and Metabolomic Investigation of the Mechanisms Involved.Puyo M., Mas P., Roullier-Gall C., Romanet R., Lebleux M., Klein G., Alexandre H., Tourdot-Maréchal R., (2023). Foods, 12, 21, 3927. doi: foods12213927

Synergic versus Antagonist Effects of Rutin on Gallic Acid or Coumarin Incorporated into Chitosan Active Films: Impacts on Their Release Kinetics and Antioxidant Activity. Jacobs E., Chambin O., Debeaufort F., Benbettaieb N., (2023). Antioxidants, 12, 11, 1934. doi: https://

Carbon Electrode Modified with Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for the Development of Electrochemical Sensor: Application to Pharmacy, Food Safety, Environmental Monitoring, and Biomedical Analysis.Bou-Maroun E., (2023). Chemosensors, 11, 11, 548. doi: chemosensors11110548

Towards better understanding of the strain-stress curve of cork: A structure-mechanical properties approach. Gerometta M., Gabrion X., Lagorce A., Thibaud D., Karbowiak T., (2023). Materials & design, 235, 112376. doi:

Functionalization of SBA-15 mesoporous silica for highly efficient adsorption of glutathione: characterization and modeling studies. Chaabane L., Nikolantonaki M., Weber G., Bezverkhyy I., Chassagnon R., Assifaoui A., Bouyer F., (2023). Journal of taiwan institute of chemical engineers, 152, 105169. doi:

Migration Studies and Endocrine Disrupting Activities: Chemical Safety of Cosmetic Plastic Packaging. Bou-Maroun E., Dahbi L., Dujourdy L., Ferret PJ, Chagnon MC., (2023). Polymers, 15,19, 4009. doi: polym15194009

Determination of Polystyrene Microplastic in Soil by Pyrolysis - Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (pyr-GC-MS). de Carvalho AR., Mathieu O., Thevenot M., Amiotte-Suchet P., Bertrand X., Beugnot JC., Karbowiak T., Celle H., (2023). Analytical letters. doi:

Biological and physico-chemical characterization of human norovirus-like particles under various environmental conditions. Abou-Hamad N., Estienney M., Chassagnon M., Bon M., Daval-Frerot P., de Rougemont A., Guyot S., Bouyer F., Belliot G., (2023). Colloids and surfaces B-biointerfaces, 231, 113545. doi:

Summer diarrhea in children: a monocentric French epidemiological observational study. Mallier C., Creuzet E., Lambert C., Delmas J., Mirand A., Rochette E., Valot S., Moniot M., Dalle F., Henquell C., Merlin E., Poirier P., Verdan M., Nourrisson C., (2023). Scientific reports, 13, 1, 15078. doi:

Rheological properties, printability and microstructure of buttermilk-mashed potatoes incorporated with chlorpheniramine maleate as a material for 3D food printing.Jantrawut P., Khangtragool W., Buri K., Brachais CH., Chambin O., Ruksiriwanich W., Phimolsiripol Y., Chaiwarit T., (2023). International journal offood science and technology, 58, 11, 5796. doi:

In-situ speciation and estimation of iron(II) and iron(III) contents in anisotropic polysaccharide-based hydrogel by 1H low-field nuclear magnetic resonance.Fouilloux P., Assifaoui A., Rachocki A., Karbowiak T., Bodart P., (2023). International journal of biological macromolecules, 253, 1, 126307. doi:

Techno-functional characterization of gelatin extracted from the smooth-hound shark skins: Impact of pretreatments and drying methods.Salem A., Abdelhedi O., Sebii H., Ben Taheur F., Fakhfakh N., Jridi M., Zouari N., Debeaufort F., (2023). Heliyon, 9, 9, e19620. doi:

Phytochemical composition, biological activities and antioxidant potential of pomegranate fruit, juice and molasses: A review.El Hosry L., Bou-Mitri C., Dargham MB., Abou Jaoudeh M., Farhat A., El Hayek J., Mosleh JMB., Bou-Maroun E., (2023). Food Bioscience, 55, 103034. doi:

Invasive fungal diseases in patients with autoimmune diseases: a case series from the French RESSIF network.Galmiche S., Thoreau B., Bretagne S., Alanio A., Paugam A., Letscher-Bru V., Cassaing S., Gangneux JP., Guegan H., Favennec L., Minoza A., Morio F., Bonhomme J., Desoubeaux G., Eloy O., Hasseine L., Sasso M., Millon L, Bellanger AP., Poirier P., Moniot M., Chouaki T., Huguenin A., Dalle F., Bouteille B., Nicolas M., Desbois-Nogard N., Bougnoux ME., Danion F., Poindron V., Néel A., Boukris-Sitbon K., Lanternier F., Terrier B., (2023). French mycoses study Grp, 9, 3, e003281. doi:

To be or not to be required: Yeast vitaminic requirements in winemaking. Evers MS., Ramousse L., Morge C., Sparrow C., Gobert A., Roullier-Gall C., Alexandre H., (2023). Food microbiolgy, 115, 104330. doi:

Norovirus and sapovirus infections after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: is it worth it to look for them?  Mageau A., Ambert-Balay K., Boutolleau D., Schuffenecker I., Burel S., Kaplon J., Quoc SN., Uzunov M., Souchet L., de Rougemont A., Roos-Weil D., Baron M., (2023). Leukemia & Lymphoma, 64, 7, 1295. doi:

Advanced insight on the water dynamics of anisotropic hydrogels by field-cycling nuclear magnetic resonance: Application of 3-Tau model. Kogon R., Faux D., Assifaoui A., Bodart P., (2023). Carbohydrate polymers, 314, 120922. doi:

Gradient concentration strip-specific epidemiological cut-off values of antifungal drugs in various yeast species and five prevalent Aspergillus species complexes. Mercier V., Letscher-Bru V., Bougnoux ME., Delhaes L., Botterel F., Maubon D., Dalle F., Alanio A., Houzé S., Dannaoui E., Cassagne C., Cassaing S., Durieux MF., Fekkar A., Bouchara JP., Gangneux JP., Bonhomme J., Dupont D., Costa D., Sendid B., Chouaki T., Bourgeois N., Huguenin A., Brun S., Mahinc C., Hasseine L., Le Gal S., Bellanger AP., Bailly E., Morio F., Nourrisson, C., Desbois-Nogard N., Perraud-Cateau E., Debourgogne A., Yéra H., Lachaud L., Sasso M., (2023). Clinical microbiology and infection, 29, 5. doi:

Development and Evaluation of the Properties of Active Films for High-Fat Fruit and Vegetable Packaging. Muñoz-Shugulí C., Rodríguez-Mercado F., Benbettaieb N., Guarda A., Galotto MJ., Debeaufort F., (2023). Molecules, 28, 7, 3045. doi:

Sustainable 3D printing of oral films with tunable characteristics using CMC-based inks from durian rind wastes. Panraksa P., Rachtanapun P., Thipchai P., Lesniewska E., Brachais CH., Debeaufort F., Chambin O., Jantrawut P., (2023). European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics, 186, 30. doi:

Thiamine and Biotin: Relevance in the Production of Volatile and Non-Volatile Compounds during Saccharomyces cerevisiae Alcoholic Fermentation in Synthetic Grape Must.Evers MS., Roullier-Gall C., Morge C., Sparrow C., Gobert A., Vichi S., Alexandre H., (2023). Foods, 12, 5, 972. doi:

Expanding the diversity of Chardonnay aroma through the metabolic  interactions of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cocultures.Bordet F., Romanet R., Bahut F., Ballester J., Eicher C., Peña C., Ferreira V., Gougeon R., Julien-Ortiz A., Roullier-Gall C., Alexandre H., (2023). Frontiers in microbiology, 13, 1032842. doi:

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Chemical Stability of Thiol and Flavanol Sulfonation Products during Wine Aging Conditions.Tachtalidou S., Arapitsas P., Penouilh MJ., Denat F., Schmitt-Kopplin P., Gougeon R., Nikolantonaki M., (2023). Journal of agricultural and food chemistry. doi:

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Membrane vesicles released by Lacticaseibacillus casei BL23 inhibit the biofilm formation of Salmonella Enteritidis. Barreira DD., Laurent, J., Lourenço, J., Ducassou JN., Couté Y., Guzzo J., Rieu A., (2023)   Scientific reports, 13, 1, 1163. doi :

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Experimental evolution forcing Oenococcus oeni acid tolerance highlights critical role of the citrate locus. Julliat F., Eicher C., Tourti N., Glaser P., Cabanel N., Coulon J., Favier M., Alexandre H., Reguant C., Guyot S., Grandvalet C., (2023), Research in Microbiology, 174, 3, 104048. doi:

Fibre Composition and Maturity of Forage-Based Diets Affects the Fluid Balance, Faecal Water-Holding Capacity and Microbial Ecosystem in French TrottersMuhonen S., Julliand V., (2023), Animals, 13, 3, 328. doi:

Bioinformatics and metabolic flux analysis highlight a new mechanism involved in lactate oxidation in Clostridium tyrobutyricumMunier E., Licandro H., Beuvier E., Cachon R., (2023), International Microbiology. doi: Pubmed: 36609955

Profiles of Volatile Compounds from Seven New Hybrid Families Obtained by Crossings on Noir de Bourgogne Cultivar and Other Blackcurrant Varieties. Pagès-Hélary S., Nars-Chasseray M., Dujourdy L., Cayot N., (2023), Molecules, 28, 4, 1916. doi:

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Complex carbonaceous matter in Tissint martian meteorites give insights into the diversity of organic geochemistry on Mars. Schmitt-Kopplin P., Matzka M., Ruf A., Ménez B., Chennaoui Aoudjehane H., Harir M., Lucio M., Hertkorn N., Gougeon R., Hoffmann V., Hinman NW., Ferrière L., Greshake A., Gabelica Z., Trif L., Steele A., (2023), Science Advances, 9, 2, eadd6439. doi:

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