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Research unit "Microbiological and biotechnological processes" - PMB

Key words: Microorganisms, viruses, foods, technological disturbances, microbial biomass production processes, stabilisation processes, decontamination processes, probiotics, ferments.

The research unit "Microbiological and Biotechnological Processes - PMB" is a Process Engineering team. It brings together researchers from different disciplines: microbiology, physiology, processes, automation, mathematics,...

The PMB team studies the response of different cell models (bacteria, yeasts, viruses, etc.) exposed to different technological and environmental perturbations, with the aim of developing processes to control the viability and functionality of microorganisms. Depending on the applications targeted, it is therefore developing two themes: the first focuses on processes for producing and preserving cells of interest (ferments and probiotics) and the second on 'gentle' inactivation processes for pathogens and spoilage flora. The aim of these applications is to improve the quality and durability of food using physical processes without chemical inputs.