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DImaCell platform

We support researchers and entrepreneurs using spectroscopy and multi-scale imaging.

DImaCell (Cellular Imaging Device) is the Bourgogne Franche-Comté regional platform for cellular imaging. It has been awarded IBISA.

Created in 2009, it offers high-level technologies and methodologies in cellular imaging, for applications in a wide range of research fields: medical, agronomy, agri-food... The equipment is accessible to the whole of the region's scientific community (universities, EPST and private companies).

The platform is spread over two sites on the Dijon campus and one site on the Besançon campus. The Platform of Spectroscopic IMagery Spectroscopique (PIMS), attached to the PAM lab, is one of the two sites in Dijon.

The spectroscopic imagery site

Spectroscopic imagery platform

The technical platform PIMS (Spectroscopic imagery plateform) offers imagery and analysis techniques dedicated to the observation of environmental perturbations applied to the micro-organisms of interest, such as pressure, temperature or oxidation
The samples observed range from micro-organisms (yeasts, bacteria, filamentous fungi) to macromolecules and bio-polymers (food matrices, emulsions, functionalised packaging films).

En pratique :

  • provision of scientific, photonic imaging and spectroscopy equipment, with technical support,
  • advice and/or training for users,
  • collaborative research,
  • training for doctoral and Masters schools and the organisation of group training courses.

The techniques available

Photonic microscopy :
  • Wide-field microscopes (fluorescence and bright field)
  • Multiphoton microscope
  • FLIM module (time resolution)
  • PALM / STORM super-resolved microscopy
  • OPTIR infrared and Raman microscopy/spectrometry

Spectrometry :
  • Fluorescence spectrometry in a cuvette
  • Spectrometry using a plate reader
  • Measurement of fluorescence lifetime
  • Polarisation measurements

A preparation area is available to users (PSM, centrifuge, study ...).