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An immersion into the world of food science

On 2024 March 14, BTS and DUT students met in Poligny for a day of discovery of science and food professions, with milk and cheese as an example.

Through interactive presentations and practical demonstrations, students were able to interact with professionals in the dairy sector and discover the different professions and the training paths to access them: cheese makers, laboratory technicians, R&D, quality, engineers , researchers and teachers.

The students followed a course punctuated by 6 educational and participatory workshops built by interprofession association of dairy sector: Maison du Comté, Centre Technique des Fromages Comtois, Fédération Régionale des Coopératives Laitières du Massif Jurassien, Jura Departmental Analysis Laboratory, INRAE, ENILEA and Institut Agro Dijon.

At INRAE ​​Poligny, students were able to understand experimental research where scientific knowledge is built with the use of an original technological tool: the experimental mini cheese factory.

It was the first edition. Look for more information in future issues !