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P2 Laboratory

Laboratory P2 is designed for handling class 2 pathogenic micro-organisms (Listeria, Salmonella, ...).

Access to and use of the P2 laboratory are subject to internal regulations validated by Instiitut Agro Dijon's Prevention, Health, Safety and Working Conditions Department, the University of Burgundy's Health and Safety Department, the occupational medicine department of the Caisse Sociale Agricole Bourgogne (MSA) and the University of Burgundy's Preventive Medicine Service (service for students and staff)..

Previous research projects

Lactic Bacteria and High Pressure for longer-lasting stabilisation of meat products.


Project leader:

  • PAM lab, Pr Jean-Marie PERRIER-CORNET PhD supervisor (PMB team), Dr Hélène SIMONIN co-PhD supervisor (PMB team)
  • A doctoral student is working on this project at PAM lab : Chloé MODUGNO.

Decontamination of the surface of workshops in the agri-food industry by controlling relative humidity in order to reduce the consumption of biocides; the study is being carried out on a model microorganism : Listeria monocytogenes.


Project leader :

  • PAM lab : Pr Laurent BENEY PhD supervisor (PMB team) scientific manager for the UMR PAM EcoSec project, Dr Stéphane GUYOT PhD supervisor (PMB team) , Dr Cosette GRANDVALET PhD supervisor (PMB team) (AFIM team). A doctoral student is working on this project at UMR PAM : Fiona ZOZ

Destruction of pathogenic micro-organisms by a thermal process.


  • PhD student assigned to this project : Emilie LANG
  • Members of the PMB team involved : Pr Patrick GERVAIS (Thesis director), Pr Jean-Marie PERRIER-CORNET (co-Thesis director), Dr Stéphane GUYOT (co-Thesis director).