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Schedule of PhD defenses on 2023

  • 20 décembre 2023 - Nicole ABOU-HAMAD  "Design of new silica-protein hybrid viral pseudoparticles for use in the food industry."
  • 14 décembre 2023 - Maëlys PUYO "Bioprotection of musts in oenology by the Metschnikowia species: understanding of the mechanisms involved for the optimization of its implementation in winemaking."
  • 7 décembre 2023 - Gayane HAYRAPETYAN "Valorization of winery by-products trough physical extraction methods (supercritical fluids and microwaves): caracterization and impact of the extraction process on the quality of the extracts"
  • 10 july 2023 - Mehrsa EMKANI "Impact of lactic fermentation on pea protein composition and flavour profile in a modified isoelectric precipitation extraction method".
  • 06 july 2023 - Laura CARBALLIDO "Development of intelligent packaging based on fluorescent sol-gel materials for monitoring carbonyl compounds generated by lipid oxidation.".
  • 31 may 2023 - Marie Sarah EVERS "Vitamin nutrition of yeasts in oenological conditions"
  • 17 may 2023 - Maria IBARLUCEA-JEREZ "Persistence of lactic acid bacteria from fermented foods in the oral cavity of rats, potential links with oral microbiota, salivary composition and taste perception".
  • 30 march 2023 - Pierre FOUILLOUX "Study of polysaccharide-based hydrogels by NMR relaxometry: Dynamics, Structure and Quantification
  • 20 january 2023 - Edouard MUNIER "Controlling butyric fermentation using reducing lactic microflora".